Judge Jinder Singh Boora

Judge Boora (3)
Judge Boora (3)
His Honour Judge Boora has dealt with high profile criminal cases involving animal poaching and trafficking, animal cruelty and animal welfare.
Judge Boora is a Vegan. He is a Patron of the international charity “Helping Rhinos”. The charity works in Southern Africa to fund and train officers to stop the trade in Rhino horn. Judge Boora has presented seminars regarding how international law can be utilised to stem the flow of the Rhino horn trade.

Judge Boora has extensive teaching experience.

He was a lecturer at Leicester University. He also taught at the Judicial College in England. He has presented seminars at international conferences in Milan, Prague and Riga. This includes teaching the Bangalore principles, which is the UN international code for judges.
As part of his public duties, Judge Boora engages in community events to improve the public’s understanding of the legal system and to encourage people from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter the legal profession. He is a Diversity and Community Relations Judge and a Judicial Mentor.
Judge Jinder Singh Boora has presented talks for a wide variety of organisations, including the Muslim Women’s Network, Women’s Aid and the Social Mobility Foundation.

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